New design trends in bath and powder room vanities and fixtures are giving homeowners the opportunity to ramp up the style and flow of these little but important rooms. We’ve teamed up with Janine Shmuelevitz of Sisters in Sync Design to bring you the 5 bathroom trends you will want to follow now and won’t regret later (no avocado coloured tubs and sinks, we promise!).

Floating vanities, vessel mounted sinks, integrated glass-top vanities, and new finishes and designs in sink fixtures can either be integrated with the look and feel of your home or give it that ‘new reno’ smell – all without your having to take out a second mortgage on your home.

Trend #1: Floating Vanities

Kimono Blanco available at

These seemingly gravity-defying vanities have become trendy for a reason: they’re visually light as they appear to float in mid-air, they’re functional (you can find them with storage, or you can skip the storage in favour of polished exposed plumbing), and they make a small room appear larger because of the additional open and visible floor space. This makes them the perfect choice for powder rooms, which are both highly trafficked and small spaces. Unique and eye-catching elements in this important room will always leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Importantly, these vanities require a seasoned plumbing contractor’s professional touch to ensure all the fixtures are perfectly lined up and that they are properly installed and remain firmly attached to the wall. Installing a floating vanity is no DIY project; imagine your beautiful vanity crashing down in the middle of the night, taking some of the wall and pipes with it.

Madison Avenue Powder Room; Design by Sisters in Sync Design. Plumbing by JDI Plumbing.
Before you install ...

Prior to the installation, your plumber will ensure the following:

The drywall: Before closing the drywall behind the vanity, your plumber will lay sturdy plywood backing, so the vanity is screwed into something solid.

The plumbing: The drain and trap pipes must be lined up in exactly the right spot, so you can both fill and open the drawers in your floating vanity and get the maximum use out of that important storage. This is especially important when installing wall-mounted faucets and exposed drains; there is no room for error as nothing can be tucked away or hidden. JDI Plumbing has a decade’s worth of experience installing exposed trap and drains and wall-mounted faucets, which make your floating vanity that much more functional and beautiful.

Trend #2: Integrated Sink

For this seamless all-in-one look, you can purchase a stone slab and have the marble manufacturer sculpt the vanity and sink out of one single piece of stone. This can be made dramatic with backlit onyx or into a classic or modern look with veined granite or marble.

Integrated Vanity and Sink

*Note: not all marble fabricators have the capability of cutting this vanity, so best is to call around to find one in your area who does. Contact JDI Plumbing for our preferred suppliers.

Trend #3: Vessel Mount Sink

Rather than a traditional recessed sink that sits inside the vanity, a vessel mount sink is positioned on top of the counter. This is a striking alternative to a traditional sink and allows you to showcase different materials for the bowl such as copper, cut class, rock, marble, and steel. A vessel mount sink is a great example of a small-ish purchase having a huge impact on the design of your home.

Live Edge Black Walnut Vanity Countertop with Vessel Mount Sink by ROCA Wood Works.

Your choice of faucet can further the look. A traditional counter-mounted model is an elegant option as it curves up and over the bowl or a wall-mounted faucet provides a clean line for a modern look. Not sure which faucet/sink combo would suit your design style? Janine specializes in making even the smallest choices fit seamlessly into the design of your space.

Calma Allegri Vessel Mount Sink with Wall Mount Faucet, available at
Calma Allegri Vessel Mount Sink with Deck Mounted Faucet, available at

Trend #4: Integrated Glass Top Vanity

The benefit of the traditional integrated sink is it creates a seamless visual line across the top of the vanity. A glass top vanity is an exciting new trend that mixes this long-standing design with modern new materials, such as glass or crystal built-in washbasins. 

In this vanity, you can maximize the storage underneath because every single inch of drawer space is utilized, but the plumbing must be planned out in advanced so the pipes line up perfectly. Unlike years ago when you lost much of your storage to the pipes, and vanities had to have bulky side cabinets for your bath essentials, this design is sleek, clean-lined, and contemporary, as well as extremely functional. It’s a great use of your small space!

Domino Integrated Glass Top Vanity, available at
Domino Integrated Glass Top Vanity, available at

Trend #5: Funky vs. Luxe Faucets

Incanto Faucet in Matte Black, available at

Powder Room Faucets

Today’s faucets are much more exciting than the standard chrome of yesterday. Matte black and gold are common colours in today’s catalogue. A note on gold: this is not your granny’s gaudy gold faucet. Done right, this champagne matte gold is both trendy and beautiful. But if you really want to pack a design punch there are a variety of colours to lend your powder room a unique personalized look. Chrome is still always a reliable option, but now you can find a chrome faucet with a handle in white, purple, lime green, you name it! With a fun, fresh faucet, a matching coat of paint on the wall behind the toilet, and some new towels, you can create a champagne look on a beer budget.

M. E. Wall-Mounted Faucet in Brushed Gold, available at
Gastone Faucet Handles, available at in various colours.

Bathroom Faucets

While you can go bold with your powder room for maximum design impact, for your main bathrooms, Janine suggests it’s best to stick to neutral colours like black or matte gold as these larger spaces tend to work best with a more serene design.

One of the most beautiful innovations in bathroom design is large format (36”x36”) porcelain tile that looks exactly like onyx or marble but for a fraction of the price. Pair these statement tiles with a champagne faucet, and you’ve created a home spa that rivals the real deal. Your master bath is your oasis, and what a pleasure it is to leave the world behind, enjoy the elegant quiet you’ve created without breaking the bank, and sink into your free-standing tub to wash the day away.

(Love the idea of a free-standing tub? That’s a whole other blog post. Stay tuned!)

Sardonyx porcelain tile, available at Ciot
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